Windows 7 Bring Fashion to Gordon Ramsay

Well by surprise I was invited to an intimate dinner at Gordon Ramsay in the Claridge’s. It was a evening organised for Windows 7 to showcase a set of laptops they call ‘The Collection‘… Laptops designed for fashion forward individuals so… of course a few fashion bloggers were invited to have a look!

Before I even get on to the laptops… I need to stress how freaking amazing the food was!! Oh my; right down to the presentation WOW; champagne and canapés to start the evening and then believe we enjoyed a seven course meal; including Beef Wellington, Caviar, Salmon and Lobster! I’m still dribbling over the food; we even had two deserts *strokes pop belly*. I truly felt like royalty for the evening and I am thankful for the opportunity given to attend this swanky restaurant!

I won’t lie… myself and my colleague from work may be a lil too ‘cultured’ lool, – the politically correct way of putting it – we did have to send our steak back to be cooked more because it was FAR too blue for us! …However I cannot knock it because once cooked to a colour we could actually tuck into; we found it TO DIE FOR!

I met some lovely people and enjoyed some funny table conversation; it is always a joy when you find others as crazy and out there as you!

So on to the Laptop’s… I could post all the boring statistics from the extensive research Window’s did, to discover how and where people fit technology into their daily lives. Things such as:

“25 per cent of Brits believe their computer makes a bigger fashion statement than a designer bag or piece of jewellery”

…but I won’t!  We ALL know absolutely everything is about fashion! I dare anyone to challenge me on that statement… We all want things that reflect our personality and fit our style, if we have the choice of 2 items with the same specs but different designs, we can safely say we will always go for the one which is best suited to our taste; please correct me if I am wrong. … ok another statistic just to prove my point

“25 per cent of Brits believe their computer says more about them than their clothes”

We were shown a few pieces from ‘The Collection’ …gheez, I really feel like I am talking about a brand new A/W 2011 clothing collection here but no, I did not make a mistake I am really talking about laptops! My heart melted for the Lenovo Ideapad U260 I am totally in love with it! Closed, it looks like a large slim leather diary; nobody would ever know you are holding onto a laptop. I think it is sheik and a must have for every fashionista who loves simplicity with an edge!

I won’t comment on all the other fancy laptops they had, as I only want to focus on the one I would personally buy myself. If the Lenovo is not your style please visit this link as they have a WIDE range to suit practically everyone from all walks of life with different styles, needs and budgets.

Smooches, love and fabric dolls xxx