Nicki Minaj Dominates the W Hotel

Nicki Minaj Spotted at the W Hotel in Piccadilly Circus

I had fun last night chilling with the Paparazzi! It was bloody mental and brutal, I can tell you that for free! My new Pap friend Matthew, let me in on the fact they were waiting for Nicki Minaj, so I hang out with them and played Paparazzi for the evening!

Nicki wore a controversial get up, very dominatrix looking, one of her hands was even strapped to the outfit. Personally I’m not very sure about the wig, but I do think she looks pretty cute! She was poised and all smiles – forced or not – she kept her composure. Kudos to her because it was manic out there!! My first day Papping and I got elbowed in the side and had my camera shoved into my eye…

Do you love Nicki Minaj? What did you think of her outfit?

Fingers crossed I will get a regular celebrity section going on this blog! So look out for that, but give me your feed back, who do you want to see?

Smooches, love and fabric sugars xxx