Gadgets: What is BassBuds?


BassBuds… what is that they ask? Well as if the picture up top doesn’t answer that question clearly…

BassBuds is a new brand offering stylish  earphones and other cool musical devices. Containing advanced crystaltronics sound technology, these products claim to deliver “luxurious aesthetics and noteworthy sound”. So far the company offer Swarovski Element embellished earphones and BassBoomz; a portable bluetooth speaker.


So what are they saying?

I put the BassBuds to the test.

The BassBuds are light and fresh; for looks I give this product a full 10/10

They come in a cute little black box with 3 different size white ear plugs, this is great because we all have different size ears and a problem many of us have is earphones falling out every minute.

Also in the box is a sexy little black velvet pouch, you can use to carry your BassBuds and protect them. Within this pouch were a further 3 sets of ear plugs, this time in black. The box also contains an authenticity card – a nice touch for giving that luxury and exclusive feel.

The BassBuds have a Stop/Start button and also double up as a handsfree kit.

So what is the sound like?

I give the sound a 7.5/10 – the sound is crisp and clear and blocks out all other noise, however I did find them to have a bit too much of a treble sound, I prefer really bass filled speakers. This test was done listening with my iPhone and iPad.


The BassBuds are available in a range of 20 different colours under the Classic Collection or Fashion Collection

The Classic Collection retails for just £39.95, with the Fashion Collection retailing at £44.95


BassBuds are available online at or exclusive to Harvey Nichols.

They come with 1 year warranty and money back guarantee!! 

Smooches, love and fabric dolls xxx