Hi Vogue I’M WHITE NOW: Is the mainstream media RACIST?



Comments left on a photo posted by a well known blogger Dulce Candy (you will need an Instagram account to see the photo) had me thinking… Is there racism in the mainstream media?

Young black girls didn’t feel represented by a well known magazine they love and read. This magazine picked Youtube Gurus to sit on a panel of judges for a beauty competition, unfortunately there were no dark skinned women on the panel, despite there being a number of them to pick from.

I left a comment myself suggesting that maybe they were not targeting dark skinned people? There are magazines that represent us like – Black Hair Magazine and Ebony. My own comment had me thinking even harder; why are we limited to race focused media for exposure?

A selection of comments left on Dulce Candy‘s Instagram photo

Racism is an ongoing topic in the fashion world, many people believe that ethnic minorities are not equally represented in mainstream media, a model of lighter complexion is more likely to grace the front covers of many of the top fashion magazines and catwalks across the world. I use the fashion blogging community as an example…

We all know exposure is key to having a HIGHLY successful blog, you could be the most stylish, have the clearest photo’s and a creative writing ability that would give even JK Rowlings a run for her money; but if no one is talking about you, the big players are not showcasing and sharing you, your chances of major success in this field are very slim.

We have seen bloggers like Tavi Gevinson, The Man Repeller, Macademian Girl, The Blonde Salad, Fashion Toast and Susie Bubble to name a few – catapult with very successful and influential blogs. Other than great style and great content, a key factor in their success is PRESS! These guys are repeatedly featured in top magazines and websites, exposing them to the masses. If racism in mainstream media is non-existent, why is there a lack in representation of ethnic bloggers and those of darker skin? I am happy to see the likes of Marian Kihogo and Vintage Virgin but the balance is WAY off.

England won the bid to host the 2012 Olympic Games because of the diversity of the country, why is this diversity so hard to display in the mainstream fashion and beauty media? I can not tell the amount of times I have been to a blogging/press event and left with wonderful gifts I can not use, or received make-up in the mail I can not wear because the products are tailored to those of much fairer complexions & non-afro hair.

Are  websites like ‘Black girls killing it‘ the only way for dark skinned girls to be noticed? What do you think? Is the mainstream media racist?

Smooches, love and fabric dolls and gents xxx

Please note: I am in no way saying Vogue magazine is racist.