Exhibition: The Future of Fashion

As promised… the images from the Future of Fashion exhibition i went to and thoroughly enjoyed!

Created by Yunus and Eliza. I really love feathers… something about pretty ones that make me smile so this piece really did show my teeth!

Stop! WAIT A MINUTE! Back up, rewind… COME AGAIN! WOW i was deffo Sugarlacing when i saw these shoes. (Seek meaning here) Designed by Chau Har Lee

Such creativity -MAN – I’m inspired

Designer Hanwen Shen

Remember what i said about feathers making me smile?? *sigh* I could not move away from this section, i must have taken most of my shots right here. Can you see the detail in the hat and the jacket? (H)AMAZING!

The designer was so lovely as well! When something captures your heart you have to give it extra love! I Sugarlaced more than ever over this piece. I’m a sucker for leather and detailing too… tts so sculptured. Well done to Rob Goodwin!

This was such an interesting piece from Martina Spetlova. The jacket has about a gazillion zips and colours in it…

“I used the concept of Lego bricks that
build a bigger shape and so my patchwork
of separate panels ”zip” together to
build a whole garment and conversely
can be unzipped and dismantles by the

Hats designed by Emma Yeo, they kind of remind me of Medusa… I can imagine Tyra Banks wearing one of these to a masquerade ball (remember she already did a DIY stocking thing last year).

Well Well Well… Kei Kagami really has out done himself with this center piece. Again this is a zippy affair. The dress has been made of of zips only. I would actually wear this, from the chest down, its crazy! I guess this is what happens when an architect crosses over from designing building to designing clothes!!!

Hope you all enjoyed the photo’s and you haven’t Sugarlaced yourselves to death lol. There were a few other things on display at the exhibition but i don’t want to give you an image overload. The exhibition runs until 10th March 2011 and is FREE so you can trot on down to St Martin’s Courtyard if you want to take a closer look.

Shout me and let me know what you think of the pieces, which is your favourite?

Smooches, love and fabric xxx