The Disney Girls High Fashion Makeover

Hey dolls and gents! Happy Monday!

Soooo many of you loved my ‘The Disney Girls get Vogue Cover!‘ Post… Dante Tyler is an AMAZING artist and lucky for us, he has done an updated version of these beauties!! Literally, when I read his message on DeviantArt letting us know they were in the pipeline, I was grinning like a little kid awaiting a toy they KNOW they are going to get for Christmas; the excitement was too intense, I’m surprised I didn’t give myself an aneurism (I have always wanted to say that… YES finally I’ve been able to use it in context, HOW COOL)!

I won’t rabbit on any further, below are the images! The Vogue girls have gone high fashion and there are three new additions to the crew. Make sure you check out Dante Tyler‘s page for more of his paintings and show him some love!

The new chicks on the block!

Kida from Werq

Esmerelda is one hell of a hottie!!!!

The original crew members

Check out the original paintings, the upgrade on these ladies is truly amazing!

Smooches, love and fabric sugars xxx