The Box Boutique Popup Concept Store




You all know I love a good party, especially when champagne is involved, so it is no surprise I jumped at the chance to go check out The Box Boutique‘s new concept popup store in Chelsea. Given the area, I had a feeling the prices of pieces would make me sweat buckets and wonder why i’m not married to a sexy rich banker, instead of working hard so one day I can afford these luxuries…

None the less, I strutted around the store, champagne in hand, vamped lips and a flirty smile, in hopes of seeing some awesomeness. I was not disappointed, The Box Boutique store concept is wicked. Gorgeous shoes, amazing handbags, random items like salt and pepper shakers, all displayed around a stunning room, filled with stunning people.

…Oh, are those strawberries? Yes, thanks, I’ll pop one of those in my glass and head upstairs to look at the luxurious furs and admire myself in the massive mirror designed to make anyone and everyone vein.


The Box Boutique really thought about couples, considering its coming up to Valentines day, taking the time to go the extra mile is fab. You can visit the store with your boyfriend/husband/lover or male version of a ‘mistress’; and for once he won’t complain, he’ll love it! Located on the top floor is a swanky chill out room for the men, its so cosy and rustic, 100% a lads zone, a scene that looks as though it belongs in ‘Made in Chelsea’ – wait, my bad, not only is it made in Chelsea, it is in Chelsea… duh!

I didn’t want to ruin the surprise of the store decor by posting a ton of images to show you what the inside looks like, I’ll let you visit The Box Boutique and have a marvel for yourselves.

Below are a couple of shots of ‘some’ of my fav pieces.

 Charissie Morris - Natalie

Designer: Chrissie Morris – Natalie | Cost: £935

Vlieger Vandam - Guardian Angel Clutch

Designer: Vlieger Vandam – Guardian Angel Gun Clutch (available here) | Cost: £195

Chrissie Morris - Stasia Red

Designer: Chrissie Morris – Stasia Red |Cost: £545


Brand: MUA MUA | Available here

Aperlai - The Eye Boot

Designer: Aperlai – The Eye Boot | Cost: £635

Marshell - Major White

Brand: Marshell – Major White | Available in store

The Box Boutique – Popup Concept Store

Located: 104 Draycott Avenue

Open now until August 2014

Permanent branch located: 45 Maddox Street, W1S 2PE

I love a bit of luxury, I find more often than not, investing in quality key and statement pieces saves you money in the long run as they ‘should’ last for years.

Do you own any designer items?

What’s your favourite piece?

Smooches, love and fabric sugars xxx