Sunkissed in the secret garden


I love my area soooo much! I don’t think y’all understand! I am surrounded by lakes and loads of greenery! My big sister come over from Saudi Arabia (she works out there) a few weeks back and we both went for a walk and discovered what I have now labelled ‘The Secret Garden’ … I just had to go down there today and take some snaps.

This was a big step for me because I am absolutely terrified of wasps, bees, and creepy crawly things! I guess they decided to let me live today and didn’t trouble me, they let me enter their habitat and vogue… I have been wearing sunblock but only on my face …oops! So I’ve gotten kinda sunkissed over the past couple of days… I love it though.

Boots: Van’s – Exclusive Luxe collection (sold out in Office, but my friend has a few pairs left in his store, email me if you want details). Dress: DIY. Bag: c/o Matalan. Jewellery: c/o Forever21. Head scarf: Unknown.

Have a fab day!

Smooches, love and fabric sugars xxx