Style File: The Addict


Sometimes feel like i’m in an abusive relationship with fashion, I can’t get enough shoes, coats and hats. I find myself searching the internet daily for my next fix purchase. I can spend hours scrolling through fashion sites, lusting after all the beautiful items i need want. The reality is, its all in my head; building a closet full of crap I don’t need and most of what I hardly ever wear. Changes need to be made asap, before i spiral out of control and my bank balance suffers a death from negative numbers.

The ideal wardrobe is laced with staple pieces, a strong collection of solid items you can wear time and time again without the worry it will go out of style. When I look at some of the worlds billionaires, they have somewhat of a uniform, you can often identify who they are from their wardrobe. Marc Zuckerburg is often seen in grey tops, hoodies and jeans. Steve Jobs was nearly always (if not always) seen in a black top with jeans.

Oh how boring! I hear you scream… its really not. Many of my favourite style bloggers have adopted this same sort of repetitiveness and they look really fly doing so. I mean, it is nice to switch it up a little from time to time; but the foundation blocks are simple and solid. Getting dressed in the morning becomes easier when you don’t have to rummage through stacks of outdated materials, the only adjustments you need to make during each season are your transitions from hot to cold. Shopping becomes less expensive too, your clothes last longer because you chose quality over quantity.

I have started building my new wardrobe, blacks, whites, greys and denim are my thing; and obviously gold haha, I LOVE gold. My room is less cluttered and I feel more stylish than ever before.

Let me go and clean up the mess I created shooting these images, my Godson is coming over to stay with me today so the place needs to be immaculate and I need to hide all breakables if I want them to survive a two year old.

Have a fabulous day sugars x





Coat: Asos – Hat: New Era – Boots:Costa Blanca(Canada)

Photo taken and edited by: J’ara Ami

Smooches, love and fabric xxx