Style File: Wreckage




Its coming to the end of the year now, that time of year where everyone remembers you simply because its the festive season.. thats right, the international pagan(some what debatable) celebration known as Christmas. Straight after we have the new year – unless you live in China of course – and we all make resolutions the majority of us just do not seem to keep.

Its the time of year I like to reflect, ponder on how much i have grown, how much reconciling I need to do with people I probably shouldn’t give a toss about; but something in my heart makes me want to extend some compassion. Basically, its that time of year of mixed emotions, where I don’t really know how to feel. Often trying to hang on to some awkward sense of joy at a new year, while shaking off the disturbing feeling that its all just a bloody hype and the only thing different about a new year is just that, the flipping year!

With all that said, this is probably the reason for my outfit choice here, those days where you have no idea what to wear, you had one thing in mind but that was a total disaster. I looked in the mirror and said you know what ‘I don’t give a damn what goes and what doesn’t go’. Whatever I dig out is going to work someway, somehow. You can’t really go wrong with black, denim and a bit of leather. Throw it on, own it and work it! Nobody has to know, you literally did throw it together and might as well of gotten dressed in the dark…





Boots: Costa Blanca(Canada), Skirt: Missguided – here, Blazer: Zara – similar here, Shirt: Gap – similar here and here, Bag: Nelly – similar here, Earrings: Cherry On d Top – here

Photo Credit: Jendella  | Edited by: J’ara Ami

Smooches, love and fabric sugars xxx