Style File: Winter Blues




The sun has gone, the leaves are falling and the temperature has dropped dramatically… but you know me, any opportunity to get my legs out and sport some killer heels! This was supposed to be a birthday post, however, it didn’t work out that way. I put this ensemble together in remembrance of my birthday.

I chose this dress (that a mate of mine left at my house – thanks Mel… ha!) because it is flirty and fun, I am all for that! It is a bit short for winter though, so i threw this long blue coat over the top to give it balance. I picked this coat up from a thrift sale early this year for just £1! Yes that is right only £1… I am in love with it. I love coats with collars I can turn up, I have a thing about feeling badass, a turned up collar adds some edge to any outfit. The massive pockets (along with the price) is what sold it for me with this coat.

So what makes this a post in remembrance of my birthday? Firstly, the dress! My mate wore this to my all white winter wonderland themed birthday party. Granted its actually cream, but that is ok, it worked for her then and its working for me now… hehe. Secondly the hair… this is the new style i had done by my amazing hair stylist Kevin, for my special day. Thirdly the jewellery… One of my sisters gifted them to me as a birthday present. She has an amazing online jewellery store called CherryOnDTop; make sure you check it out, the pieces are stunning (I will be doing a beauty post soon, with a closer look at these pieces). Last but not least, this is in honour of my shoes! They were for my second birthday outfit, but they turned up late smh (shaking my head) – thanks Just Fab – so I had to find an alternative for the night. They are here now and I love them so much I have decided to forgive the web giants.

I wont lie to you, I have not yet worn this outfit out anywhere, I put it together for these photo’s. This is the kind of get up I would rock to an evening dinner on date night, with the assumption I would be sitting in a car for the journey there and back… otherwise I guess I could wear some thigh high boots, in the absence of a car…






Shoes: Just Fab, Dress: Unknown, Coat: Thrifted, Jewellery: Cherry On d Top

Photo Credit: Jendella  | Edited by: J’ara Ami

With another year added to my life, I can see my style has evolved… Stay tuned with me on my journey to stylish freedom.’Style over fashion’ I chant, as I search for timeless pieces to add to my wardrobe. Until next time my beauties!

Smooches, love and fabric sugars xxx