Style File: Winter Balling



We owe these sexy baggylious basketball jersey’s to the legand that is Michael Jordan, for it is he who set the trend basket ballers follow up to today; because of this I am able to go to my cousins wardrobe and raid it for this sexy red item and wear it as a dress. Hurray for oversize!

Deep down i’m pretty tomboyish… A tomboy with heels and false lashes…

Fur (Faux) works really well the jersey and I added black leather because i’m a bad ass! Move over ‘Kill Bill’ La Sugarlace is in town.


Hair: Peruvian, Lengths: 2 x 24″ – 1 x 18″ – 1 x 16″ – Bleached 40developer, no dye added.


Shoes: Nelly, Bag: 5inch and Up for Nelly, Basketball Top/Dress: Stolen from my cousins wardrobe (Ha! That is what boy cousins are for…), Gillet: Primark, Jacket: Topshop Tall

Do you follow basketball? Who’s your favourite team?

Smooches, love and fabric dolls and gents xxx