Style File: Leather Mistress



Firstly I ask for your forgiveness on the graininess of these pictures, sometimes outfit shots are difficult to take. Not only do we play a game of cat and mouse with the rain in good ol’ England, we also have to consider sunlight!

Any-who enough of my moaning, I’m pretty sure I care more than you do, so rather than talk a bunch a techy babble about farting around with iso and shutter speed, lets just take a moment to admire my outfit, that is obviously what this post is about.

Leather just has that ‘pow’, that ‘boom’, that oi you, Cat-Woman aint got nothing on me, type of feel to it. I wish I got some better snaps to show you the detail at the back of the dress, its lace and looks so amazing, but alas, its winter, so the likelihood of me prancing around the streets with no jacket on is very slim unless I want to ‘catch death’ (old Jamaican saying).

This is one of my fav jackets, the midlength is perfect for me and I love how its slightly sloughy looking, with the big pockets, but its also fitted and elegant; right up my ally. I know its white but i’m sure Cat-Woman would be totally jealous! Now, where is my Batman?




Shoes: Nelly, Bag: Prada, Dress: Zara, Coat: Ebay.

Do you like leather?

Smooches, love and fabric sugars xxx