Style File: Catwoman in Milan



Hey Sugars! Hope you are all well and looking forward to the upcoming festivities, I don’t celebrate Christmas but I do enjoy a good ol cook up, family movies, lots of drinks and laughter.

I recently visited Milan, its one of 6 trips I’ve taken this year, only God knows why I havn’t been documenting them. Going to have to play catch up. Italy is a beautiful country with loads of regions to explore, I wanted to see Milan as it is one of the fashion capitals. I must say I was rather disappointed by the lack of sites to see. The general consensus seems to be the same amongst other tourist I spoke to and even some locals, Milan is fantastic for shopping and can be lots of fun during fashion week, otherwise its a pretty quiet city with not much going on.

img_9131 img_9142-1

Boots: Primark (similar here and here) – Jacket: Primark (similar here and here) – Skirt: Miss Guided (similar here and here) Hat: H&M (here and similar here) Sunglasses: (shiny version here) Bag: Primark (similar here)




One of my favourite things about Milan is probably the coffee, I love the fact you can get coffee with a shot of any cognac or other spirit you request. It adds a really nice boost to a cappuccino or strong black coffee.

Pasta, pasta, pasta and more pasta haha, it was the same in Rome, no surprise really and generally it tasted really good; only down side is for those on a carb free diet, you will find it a little difficult to get something filling and tasty to suit your needs.

One recommendation for light food and drinks is a cozy little cocktail bar called Sacrestia Farmacia Alcolica, they have pages of cocktails and have what they call happy hour. Now their happy hour is not like the UK happy hour, in this bar (and a few others in the area) you pay 10 Euro to eat as much as you can at the buffet and choose any cocktail from the menu. After this you pay for any further cocktails, I believe they were about 7 Euro each. If they added shisha to the list, this would be the perfect chill out.




lorren-lasugarlace-drinks sewing-machine img_9876 thegirls

Photos taken my mate Lorren & by me.

Have you been to Milan? How did you find it? Maybe there are a few things I missed, I know its supposed to be a great skii destination but I wasn’t there long enough to explore that.

Smooches, love and fabric xxx