Style File: The Butterfly Effect



Still working on slimming my thighs down haha but I decided to show them off on Sunday, regrettably because it was absolutely freezing. This was my church outfit, I have not been to the Lords gaff (house) in donkys (a long time) so I tried to make an effort all round with time and every thing.

Leather is effortlessly cool, and looks great with sheer; adding a simple blazer finishes the look, keeping it more on the casual side because of the texture of the blazer. I must say, I wish I had tucked in my top, as the skirt is high waisted and would have given me more of a feminine shape. I feel the butterflies on the tights removes any attention away from the majority of the outfit;  and brings the eye to a point that shows off the shoes.

I don’t usually go for shoes of this style because I find them hard to walk in, there is always one foot that forever slips on and off haha, (that is the case with these) so I will need to get insoles for one foot …the heel design is amazing though and the suede texture is what sealed the deal for me when purchasing.




Jacket: H&M, Shoes & Bag: Nelly – here & here, Tights: c/o Jonathan Aston – here, Skirt: Ebay, Top: Random Boutique

Smooches, love and fabric dolls and gents xxx