Pumped icons


I found this cool vest top in a random shop near my school, was only 4quid so copped it with no hesitation! Love the iconic picture on the front, I frikking want on of the hats the model is wearing yo! When my hair grows back it will be a winner; love it! Y’all seen these leggings a gazillion times and you will see them a gazillion times more, HA! I LOVE THEM, so comfortable, so shoot me if I actually get the wear outta my clothes…

To be honest, I changed my shoes about 50times yesterday… decided not to wear these heels because I was gonna be walking around loads, running from press day, to press day, I ended up wearing some brogues instead…

I’m working on a lot of things for you guys at the moment, so that together with the heavy load of assignments I have from school has meant I haven’t updated this blog as much as I would like to *sad face*, however in the long run it will all be good *wiggles bum* I’ll be a step closer to my degree and y’all will get to enjoy La Sugarlace TV at quality level; keep an eye out for that peeps!

Jakect: Forever 21. Vest Top: Random shop in Whitechapel. Leggings & Head scarf: Primark. Shoes: c/o Nelly.com Bag: c/o AX Paris

Hope you all have a smashing weekend!

Smooches, love and fabric sugars xxx