Press Day: House of Maffia by Lisa Maffia

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending the House of Maffia press launch, I was really excited to go because I remember when Lisa Maffia first did a calling for fresh talented designers who were interested in working with her; I was so ready to see this fresh talent.

So I met up with some friends and made my way to the venue, a nice location in central London. Upon arrival we were greeted  by a lovely young lady who went through the details of what the House of Maffia was all about and who was involved. So after that insightful conversation I can tell you House of Maffia is just what I thought, an outlet that showcases various different designers.

The House of Maffia will sit just within the high street and high end markets by offering clothing ranging for £50 – £250, the designers offer clothing for women including footwear and currently have only one unisex brand on board. Unfortunately I only have shots from a few of the designers, only 8 were on show at the press launch.

After I had been around taking shots of the pieces which stood out most to me, I had a lovely massage by a company which were on site to pamper us. I don’t know what the particular form of massage I had was called by it was fantastic! It was a deep full back massage, including my shoulders! Thanks you so much guys!

I really, REALLY like this leather neck piece!! Something I cant wait for and I might just have to purchase! The House of Maffia will house (amongst other designers) Maffia Wear and Lei Chels!! These two brands are by Lisa Maffia herself; wow, I really can not wait to see those collections.

This Dress next to Lisa Maffia is by Jewel Clothing LOVE IT!

Cakes were amazing!!

Big shouts to Lisa Maffia and her team, thank you for allowing me to come down and I wish you every success with House of Maffia.

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