Playing Dress up with Ebay Fashion – The S/S ’12 Style Challenge

Hey dolls & gents,I was at the Ebay FashionS/S’12 Bloggers event! YAAAAY MEEE… I’ve noticed the change on Ebay for a long while now and I’ve been intrigued, wondering how they could possibly have a Spring/Summer collection? Like really, EBAY? An online auction site has an actual collection? My mind was like ‘does that even make sense’? I couldn’t work out if it was going to be a collection of pieces developed by in-house designers, or what was going on?

I soon slapped myself and penned a note screaming ‘Ebay is an auction site J’ara… they DON’T have in-house designers…!’ …not to MY knowledge anyway; before some idiot decides to accuse me of propaganda…

My mind was finally put to rest when I was unleashed into the showroom set up in a bar in Central London.

The ‘Collection’ is a selection of pieces from online Ebay Fashion boutiques, vintage sellers and a range of high street brands, who all sell items directly on Ebay.

There are 73 items in the collection; including shoes, clothes and accessories.

All the bloggers were given the challenge of rummaging through the collection and creating a look. The prize was a trip to Paris! F*ck My Life! I didn’t win. I swear I’m not a loser, but eeeerm… something clearly went wrong in this competition!!

Kudos to the winner I guess, I’m not hating… much…! It was her 25th birthday so she deserved it and her outfit was pretty cool! – You can check out all the looks here: Style Collective – Below is my outfit… head to toe Ebay Fashion!


**ALL images curtsey of Ebay Fashion**

Although I didn’t win, the Ebay Fashion team were kind enough to offer each of us a free item from the collection! I think I had an out of body experience when this was revealed…

You know that leather jacket had hearts dancing around my eyes. I have been looking for a black leather jacket for a looooooong time! I really had not found one; maybe I’m cheap – the most likely cause – or maybe… I dunno but I just aint found one… until NOW!!!

Thank you Ebay for a fun filled evening playing dress up, drinking champagne, – which was on tap, let me add – eating great food and allowing the opportunity to mingle with other cool and friendly bloggers too!

I love Ebay, I’m sure you all love Ebay – dont lie now! Our bank managers are probably not the biggest fans of Ebay

Peep the collection!

Smooches, love and fabric sugars xxx