Nosh Juice Fast Detox Day 2 Update

Hey guys, an update on how things are going after day one of the Nosh Juice Fast Detox programme!!

Surprisingly it wasn’t too bad but I did think about food loads! I was craving junk food, like cakes, biscuits and chocolate! I made sure my house was food free so it wasn’t an issue; i managed to get through the entire day successfully. YAAAY ME *FIST PUMP*!!

The tea for day one was called Cascara Bark… I believe the tea is from satan!!! That is how bad it was, I took one gulp (big mistake) and nearly threw up!! It is horrible and I wouldn’t recommend it!! However it is good for the system so if you can stomach it without chucking up… go for it!! I will give it a miss thanks, no more Cascara Bark for me… I tortured myself with one cup and the rest of the day I just stuck to Green Tea.

Castor oil = yuckky but just back some green tea straight after and you’ll live (this is recommended in the detox schedule).

The Nux Vom pills take forever to dissolve in your mouth, you’re supposed to suck them… don’t taste bad though so its ok.

My Nosh Juices were filling but not very thick so seemed like I was drinking regular squash with bits in it; most were nice except the green one which smelt like grass… and i mean literally smelt like my nose was stuck to the ground in a freshly watered garden!

Today’s Nosh Juices are a lot thicker as 3 out of the 4 contain Banana

Juice 1: Flaxseed Berry, Banana, Mixed Berries, Grapes and Apple

Juice 2: Acai Powder, Pineapple, Mango, Blueberries and Peach

Juice 3: Green Synergy Powder, Green Leaves, Banana. Kiwi and Oranges

Juice 4: Goji Berries, Banana, Berries, Orange and Lemon

I opened tea for day 5 instead of day 2 by mistake, I only realised after I’d added water the the tea… so today i am drinking Fennel Tea and it is actually really nice

I didn’t drink enough water yesterday so my body is a little dehydrated… my lips are feeling the effects so lots more water today!!

Smooches, love and fabric xxx