Nosh Juice Fast detox Day 1

My fabulous readers, how are you?

If you follow me on Twitter you will know for the past few days I have be going on a bout a Juice only detox/diet!! I am still trying to get that four pack and considering the sun is starting to come out, I have a lot of work to do and quickly. My vegetable and fruit only diet for two months didn’t go according to plan, probably because I was a bit ambitious with the length of time and I didn’t discipline myself enough…

…anyway, some lovely friends over at Nosh have agreed to let me try and review their Juice Fast – six day programme! I am uber excited but completely scared because this is going to be a CHALLENGE and a half. For six days I can only consume liquids.

So above is the lovely packaging containing my juice supply for today and my weeks Nosh Detox Box. They deliver every night so your products are always completely fresh.

Bag one had my four juice smoothies for today. Now look at the size of the bottles and then take a moment of silence with me while I say good bye to FOOD! _____________

Like really I nearly had a breakdown in my kitchen when I saw this! They are 500ml each.

Every bottle is covered in a Nosh Philosophy that appears to be based on Buddhism… I don’t have to do any chanting or humming or anything so its all good and the Philosophies are pretty cool…

As you can see I have to drink them at specific times of the day. I have an actual schedule, that starts from 7:30am, where I start off drinking ginger and lemon. Schedule provided by Nosh

The ingredients for today’s smoothies. The programme is based on Fruits and Vegetables only! So there will never be any blended meat or anything like that! EEK, I can not even imagine what that would taste like…

Bag two contained my Nosh Detox box which had: Castor Oil, Nux Vom tablets, a Natural Bristle Brush, Herbal Teas and Dead Sea Bath Salts

I am allowed to drink herbal tea and green tea through out the day and it is recommended that I drink three litres of water. I am required to have one tea spoon of Castor Oil every morning and take one Nux Vom pill each day for 5 days.

The Castor Oil: ‘clears deep seated intestinal blockages’

Nux Vom Tablets: ‘Helps eliminate your system during detox in a gentle and painless way’

they provided me with the raw tea and bag filters so i can make the tea bags myself. A different type of tea each day.

Cascara Bark Tea, Olive Tea, Mint Tea, Astragalus Tea and Fennel Tea. Each tea has a different function.

Today’s tea – Cascara Bark Tea: Has a cleansing effect and supports normal bowel function; a bitter tonic and stimulates digestive secretions of the liver, gall bladder, stomach and pancreas.

They provided 5 packets of Dead Sea Bath Salts to use every night, again each with a different function; sorry I couldn’t get a clear photo of it because of the reflection… my canon broke YES!! Another moment of silence for the Canon ________

Day one – Dead Sea Bath Salts: Soothes inflammation, and heals damaged tissue.

I will give you an update each day to let you know what juices I have to drink and how it is all going etc.

Apparently women loose from 5 to 9.9 lbs on this plan!!

So I am here to see if the Nosh Juice Fast programme is a thumbs up and worth the money or a thumbs down! Personally I think the price is reasonable for what you get; you are paying for: 24 bottles of organic juiced food, 5 packets of fresh raw tea, 5days worth of castor oil, 100 pills, 5 days worth of bath salts, 1 scrubbing brush and the daily home delivery service.

My job is to let you know if you will be getting your money’s worth or not…

I promise to stick to this detox plan even when the going gets tough so I can give you a real outcome and real solid results!

Nosh Juice Fast 6 day programme

NOSH Total Detox (Detox Box & Juice Fast) – £277

{That is the one I have}

Would you be able to cut out solids for 6 days in the hope of cleansing your insides and loosing weight? What do you think of the philosophies? Do you like how transparent they are about exactly what it is they are providing you with? Let me know!

Smooches, love and fabric xxx