Naomi Campbell Fashion for Relief Pop-Up Shop Opening

Can I just scream really, really loudly very quickly please? AAARRRRGGGHGHHHHH!!!!!! Ok its out of my system now… that’s the reaction I had when I got my invitation to the exclusive opening of Naomi Campbell‘s Fashion for Relief Pop-up Shop! I was so excited, I couldn’t contain it!

Fashion for Relief will be donating the money raised from selling one off designer pieces donated by the likes of Tom Ford, Vivian Westwood and Naomi Campbell herself; to The Prince’s Trust.

The Prince’s Trust is a charity helping 14 to 30-year-olds who need help in the UK, The Princes Trust gives them financial support, offers mentors and a practical program to see them turn their lives around and achieve success.

The event took place at the Village in Westfields; members of the public were able to attend the village for the Golden Ticket Event which allowed them special discounts in participating stores and also free cocktails and champagne!

In the pop-up shop itself, you had the fashion elite, celebrities and press; i was so honoured to be a part of a special night and hope lots of money is raised for the charity.

Naomi Campbell

Sophie Ellis Bexter

Beverley Knight

Idris Elba

Keisha Buchanan

Shingai Shoniwa of the NOISEttes

Ana Araujo, Keisha Buchananan and Jodie Kidd, Sophie Ellis Bextor, Leah Weller and Donna Air, Poppy Delevigne, Idris Elba and Beverly Knight were all in attendance at this exclusive event.

The clothes and shoes were really nice surprisingly and the price wasn’t bad for what they were, Louboutins were like £175 – BARGAIN!

I had a really good night! Although some people had trouble on the door and the guest-list seemed to be un-organised; my friend Wande and I had didn’t really have any problems… one of the bouncers even took a shine to us *eyelashes*

Keisha’s chain is amazing! For the life of me I can not remember who her PR said the designer was *hangs head in shame*

A few people made jokes on my Blackberry Messenger and Twitter about Naomi throwing a mobile phone at me -_- but there was no diva-ish ego blow up and I actually really liked her!! Also with Ronnie Wood‘s Ex-Wife and CURRENT girlfriend in the same building, I’m surprised at how calm an un-bitchy everyone was.

The store will be open at the Village in Westfields from April 6th -April 13th

Entry is FREE

Stock replenished daily

Get down there and grab a BARGAIN, its all for a good cause!

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