Hair: My Weave Secret!

My hair  after about 2 weeks


Hey sugars! Many times over I get asked about my hair, weather I am wearing a weave or not… I guess I have to give credit to my hair dresser because HE is the man and ALWAYS hooks me up!! Wilson… hats off to you!!

… so when I do have a weave on, the usual question is ‘what hair is that’ …generally the answer is Remi or Sensational’s Premium Now both human hair (I haven’t jumped on the Brazilian hype yet). This time round though a friend of mine introduced me to synthetic!! At first I was like, eeeer no way… then I looked at the price and thought well BOY! I might as well give it a try.

My current hair style has turned heads like MAD, no word of a lie, and everyone seems to love it, I’ve been getting more complements than usual LOL… I’ve decided to share the secret behind my current hair style so that you two may have ago if you so wish.

…So the secret! Below is the hair I used; the red packet is the Synthetic hair and the Gold packet is Human hair.

My hair dresser used both packets of Synthetic hair which is why it is so full, you can use less if you choose but it may look a bit flimsy.

To achieve my look:

Sensational Soft N’ Silky Yaki Body WVG 18′ x2 £5.99 per pack

Any human hair 8′” x1 – I used HH Sensational Premium Now New Yaki Platinum (Straight) – Special offer £5.49

Step 1: Wash/Perm you hair

Step 2: Have the hair cornrowed for weave, leaving out a small section in the middle… see the section I left out above

Step 3: Weave hair as normal using the Soft N’ Silky Yaki Body (Your hairdresser should know what to do)


Step 4: use Sensational Premium Now New Yaki Platinum or any human hair to do your fringe and last 2-3 rows.

Step 5: Cut your fringe and fade sides into the hair (Again, your hair dresser should now how to taper and blend the sides of your fringe into the rest of the weave)

Note: as you are leaving your hair out, you will need to cut a little bit of the section left out to blend in-line with the fringe… if you are too scared to do this, or your hair doesn’t grow very quickly, you may want to opt for a ‘closed weave’ where none of your hair is out at all…. Personally I don’t like closed weaves!

Step 6: Straighten the human hair and your own hair to blend and tong fringe

My hair is currently half permed… what you can see in the image above is all regrowth, un-straightened!


You want your weave to look as natural as possible and fresh for as long as it can be. Using the human hair to finish and to do your fringe enables this. As you are leaving your own hair out, the human hair blends better; you can also tong and straighten human hair meaning as the weeks go on and the synthetic body wave starts to fade out, you can straighten the top 2-3 rows to keep it looking fresh, you can also keep your fringe in tact by tonging it.

You can not put heat to the synthetic!

Above is my hair freshly done.

TIP: To preserve the body weave, buy a wig control spray! Section hair into two large loose plaits or two tight twists and cover head with a do-rag/scarf when going to bed.

I hope this helps you all!

Once again, thanks to my amazing hairdresser Wilson! He is the best in South London by far!!!

See how I keep my weave looking fresh here

Smooches, love and fabric sugarss xxx