Urbanears | My headphones bring all the boys to the yard

Wow, it seems like forever since I last posted a blog! My inconsistency is very shameful, I can dwell on it, give you all my excuses about not having a camera; and make empty promises or, I could just keep it moving and just get on with it! I will choose the latter of my two options!

I’ve decided to return with something fresh, a bit different and a little fun – someone shout YAY – so I present to you Urbanears! One of the sexiest headphone ranges out at the moment; for the stylish and trendy, Urbanears is for you!

When a friend contacted me to tell me about Urbanears, I went on the website to check them out and choose a pair to test for you guys, I was pleasantly surprised and EXCITED! Firstly the range of colours made me take serious notice; secondly the range of styles is brilliant. They have something to suit EVERYONE.

I got to try the Tanto and Plattan ranges as seen below. Amazing quality, no lie, the first time I put them on I was on a high, jumped on my Blackberry and expressed my love for them straight away. The cool thing about these headphones is they double up as a hands free kit (Compatible with Nokia, Blackberry, HTC and iPhones)! The Plattan range (the yellow ones), have an even cooler feature, a socket in one ear (pictured below) which a Zound plug extension (supplied) can be attached, allowing another person to connect and enjoy the same music as you!!

I love the packaging really funky and cool, I’m a sucker for good presentation… The only down side I had to these headphones was, the Plattan range can become a little uncomfortable on the ears when wearing my sunglasses or certain earrings, for a prolonged period of time, so if you are someone who wears glasses on a regular, I would advise choosing another range from the collection, possibly the Medis or the Bagis. Thetop of the Plattan range also get dirty quickly if you have a light colour… I think if they introduce a removable/washable cover they would be perfect!

All in all I give these headphones a 7/10 brilliant quality sound – great for the stylish, reasonable price!

Plattan: £50.00

Tanto: £35.00


How would you style your Urbanears? What colour would you get?

Smooches, love and fabric dolls xxx

  • I saw these in best buy and was wondering if they were worth the purchase.
    Shasie of Live Life in Style

  • I love this. I’ve started to notice these around the same way I started seeing Dre Beats around before every Tyrone, Tyrell and Tremain started wearing them. I think I will be making a purchase very soon. Brilliant design.

    Well done for getting onto these.