Press Party: Miss Sixty party and Miners competition winner

This post is very picture heavy.

The Miss-Sixty and Energie store on Carnaby Street has had a refit! It looks really fresh and inviting; so it was only right for them to throw a cool party last night and introduce me to their Spring/Summer Collection, which has some pretty nice pieces! I was really impressed! Miss-Sixty is a childhood favourite of mine.

The night was chilled and cool, felt like i was in a bar on Bricklane or something! My friend and i took over the photobooth *hangs head in shame* our vanity/posing obsession is a lot of things, but hey, if we don’t love ourselves why should anyone else love us?!

(These shots are tame… We had more outrageous ones… with prop hats but Mary has them… i’ll show you’ll another time.)

I think this guy was one of the staff at Miss Sixty/Energie… he saw us posing in the mirror with Miss Sixty shades and wanted to join the fun lool xxx

Ok so guys, guess what… I ATE SUSHI for the first time ever in my life! I’m usually a bold type of girl… you know, say it how it is, try ALMOST anything once; but Sushi, well that kinda fell over the line of ALMOST… Like really, me?  …put raw fish in MY mouth? *blank stare* -_-

So my outgoing, lovely and outrageous friend who also hadn’t tried it before was like “I haven’t had that, let me try”. Oooooh Lord why? Why did she have to go and say that? …and WHY did she have to go and say it was nice? I had to indulge… so on 5…4…3…2…1 i popped a bit of Squid – YES SQUID – in my mouth and began to chew. Let it be known, i am addicted – FULLY CONVERTED! Yo Sushi, here i come!

… so back to the night… They had a couple girls from the Powder Room doing nails, and i managed to get mine done. They look FAB; the ladies used polishes by Mavala. They had cocktails and a really cool band!

The lovely lady who done my nails… i feel so bad i forgot her name… *hangs head in shame*

Miss-Sixty SS11 collection is a combination of Denim’s, Corests, Maxi Gym Suits, Jackets, Waistcosts; lot’s of Florals, a ton of 80’s inspired garments; pop art, 50’s style leather, sheer…. LOADS!! I will come back and do another post with some of my favorites from the look book.

AMAZING BAG! My favorite piece!!!

The ladies at Miss-Sixty are so nice they have said they will send me a few sample pieces to style in an outfit post so look out for that!!

right i know some of you just want to know WHO won the Miners nail polishes… well firstly thank you to everyone who entered; you are all fantastic! I hope my new readers don’t just unfollow my blog now the comp is over but you stick around and enjoy my posts and take part in future competitions. (“,)

How was the winner selected?

A number generator was used on

The total amount of entries was input in the max box and the least amount was input in the min box.

Number assigned to entrants by order of comments

1. Joanne B 24th – 2:53pm
2. Lyndsy Colgen 24th – 3:53pm
3. Deborah Harewood 24th – 4:05pm
4. Debbie 24th – 5:55pm
5. Emma Cella 24th 5:55pm
6. Jane Willis 24th 5:56pm
7. Samantha 24th – 6:40pm
8. Lorna Garratt 24th 7:09pm
9. Natalie Holland 24th – 9:34pm
10. Mary Chaz 24th – 10:00pm
11. Jodie Smith 24th – 10:56
12. Funks 25th – 7:24am
13. Julie B – 25th – 8:48am
14. Nicole S 25th – 11:48am
15. Denise Cross 27th – 8:07pm
16. Jo Boyd 28th – 1:32am
17. Sharon Griffin 28th – 7:11am
18. Rachel T 28th – 7:12pm
19. Emma Clarke 29th – 7:09pm
20. Hazel 29th – 7:30pm
21. Sue Harrison 30th – 10:14pm
22. Jessica Deamley 30th – 11:05pm
23. Susan Hall 30th – 11:08pm
24. Judithsbooks 31st – 1:48pm

Generate was the clicked

Result given….

THE WINNER IS: Jessica Deamley!!!

Congratulations! You win Miners Cosmetics New SS11 Nail Polish collection!!

Please email with your address details and your prize will be posted to you next week.

Smooches, love and fabric xxx