Mind control | Day 1

Some times you wake up and there are things that you know HAVE to be included in your day, things you MUST be wearing, things you NEED your tongue to enjoy, things your mind HAS to take in (things you know you gotta get done – i bracketed this because i often slack off on that part… oops!) and everything else for the day gets thrown in according to the must haves…

For example if i MUST wear my cowgirl booties, then my booties are the thing that dictates the rest of my outfit for the day… No? Is that just me then?

Well today i woke up and knew i HAD to have green nails and wear leopard print, i knew i HAD to read a least a chapter of my creative advertising book and fresh orange juice was going to be at my mercy… I was craving for a Daim bar and i couldn’t stop thinking about my new Bourjois Paris 3D Effect lip gloss!

What were your minds must have’s today?

Smooches, love and fabric xxx