Lifestyle: Quitting Blogging for Nails and Alcoholic Units


Well hello there and happy New Year to you all! Granted it is now March but, frankly I don’t give a toss and can wish you a happy new year whenever the heck I like (“,). I could have posted in January, I could have posted last month, but I didn’t. I didn’t because I did not want to. In this world of blogging, people are so fake and so full of themselves it makes me sick. I needed a break.

Like really, how many of us do you need to cover the same ol’shit? No creativity, no personality or passion in the writing, just the same ol’ – ‘look at the cute coat I bought for £1 or £100, it goes so well with my new Zara heels’; yes the same £29.99 sandals EVERYONE and their Grandma owns – Or ‘I am sooo in love with ‘X’ brand (that promises the world), it is working wonders, look how clear my skin is now’ …eerm no, STOP it, tell the truth and shame the devil sister, cause I know and you know, you were sent that product for free as a bribe to write about it; you also know, it has not worked and your new amazing skin is a mix between you finishing your period and some well blended concealer.

Am I guilty of some of the above? Yes I am… Sometimes it is hard not to get caught up in what everyone else is doing. Often in this online community you feel pressured to conform, you feel like if you are not doing what the masses are, then you have no relevance. Its kinda sad, we are not robots, so why are we acting like carbon copies of each other in an attempt to do the same thing better? Truth is you cannot be better at being someone else, the best person you can be is yourself.

I scroll through my Instagram and Twitter feeds like, wow, why do people front like they made it when the reality is this: NO YOU HAVE NOT MADE IT, I get the same invitations to the same blogger events as you do, I have also met – insert celebrity name here _____. I have also sat front row at fashion shows and become very merry at the free bar of numerous events. Here is the thing, after the fun, we need to humble ourselves and stop acting like we are not going home to open the £1 multipack of Walkers we bought from the pound shop and sip on some herbal tea; while we write these posts pretending to be in with the in crowd who have no idea who we are…

I’ve been away thinking, plotting, scheming… basically just evaluating life and what the feck (not a typo) we are all here for? One conclusion I have come to… blogging, I have decided I am quitting blogging for ‘nails and alcoholic units’. What that basically means is, I have a (not so) new found attitude to my blog, i don’t give a flying monkey what is in fashion or not and I don’t care for all the falsehood and pretence. I am generally a raw and unfiltered person in real life and it’s about time my blog reflected that. Time to let it all hang out (“,).

So bring on the pointed claws, the extra strong Jack Daniels and lemonade, the six inch heels to the corner shop or, my Jordan’s with a mini skirt to the party while everyone else is wearing… well I don’t care what everyone else is wearing – bring on the cheekiness, the laughter, the tears, the pain when I twist my ankle cause I got too drunk and fell in the club. Yes… bring it all on!

There are some dope bloggers and Youtubers out there, keep doing what you doing. I love you!

Photo Credit: J’ara Ami

Smooches, love and fabric sugars xxx