Beauty Treatment: Lash Perfect


We ALL want lovely luscious lashes! We often look for salons with staff who are fully trained and qualified when it comes to our hair so why not when it comes to our lashes?

Lash Perfect’s Lash Bar is the answer! Their only priority is making your eyelashes look amazing…

The Lash Perfect Lash Bar specialise in Semi-Permanent lashes as well as temporary strip lashes. I have been to the Lash Bar and it is STUNNING, the staff are amazing and really take pride in their work.

‘Lashes are made thicker and longer by attaching individual synthetic eyelashes to the natural eyelashes using a medical grade adhesive, compliant with EU regulations and with an allocated ISO number. Lash Perfect lashes are light and comfortable to wear and last for weeks’

Lash Perfect also offer training programs for all you budding beauticians out there who would like to learn this technique!

The result – beautiful lashes…

You can choose the colour of the lashes, from natural colours to rainbow colours which look really nice! Current colours available are: blue, green, violet, wine and brown. Lashes are also available in different weights to give a natural look and feel and avoid causing damage to your own lash.

La La Lashes are sold at the Lash Bar as well as these really unusual pattern lashes by Paperself.

I tried them out… to be honest they are not really my thing lol but I can see them being pretty cool for a fancy dress party of some sort (“,)

Wearing: L’Oreal– Infallible Eyeliner. Nars- Taos Blusher. Miners– Pearlshine Lipgloss(M13543 Pearly Kiss). HD Brows Pallete. Ellis Faas Mascara. No foundation…

To book an appointment

+44(0)20 8500 9028

Lash Perfect Lash Bar, 35 Marshall street, London W1F 7EX

Smooches, love and fabric sugars xxx