I’m a flop but here is some Miners nail polish | CLOSED

So here is the thing guys…. my detox has been an absolute shambles!!! If that is even the word for it; like really its been THAT bad; i did what… three days and then well……… i went to a family function. Lets pause there for a moment __________________ ok, so I’m Nigerian… let us pause again ______________ … hopefully those pauses have given your sympathy time to kick in and you understand my pain!

Illustration Β©2010-2011 ~kirara4ever

A Nigerian family function means – jollof rice, fried rice, white rice, all kinds of chicken, fried fish, gizzard, egusi, pounded yam and fried plantain!!!!! YES i admit it, there was salad there, with egg in it however; but seriously i just wasn’t strong enough, i had to indulge. I looked at a chicken leg and it gave me life, i smelled the fried fish and i floated to cloud nine; the egusi…. wow that was just an outta body experience; and do not even get me started on the Supermalt.

… so bottom line is i am a big massive flop and my two month detox lasted just three days *sigh*. I probably was being a bit ambitious to attempt two months to be honest, then after that family function i just went in and my mouth housed, Chinese, pizza, African food, Caribbean food, chocolate, crisps, wine, cider…. the lists goes on. To be honest i should just sit down in a corner and face the wall to think about what i have done; yes let me go and do that; brb.

… right, during my naughty time i decided; going full blown veggie for two months is a bit of a madness so i am going to try again but this time for just two weeks. It is only a detox after all… wish me luck guys, i start next week. I should also be starting a sport, i have not decided which one yet, either Shaolin Kung Fu or Kick Boxing; Operation loose my secret belly will be back in full effect! I’ll keep you posted…

In the mean time, here is a competition: Win Miners new Spring Summer Nail Collection 2011. With five different shade, Bermuda Blue, Laguna Love, Moroccan Mint, Coral Cutie and Marshmallow. I love Miners, i’ve been using their products for ages now, they are low cost and fun to play with. Fantastic for holiday’s – check them out – Miners.co.uk

This brand new collection could be yours as a treat from me to you, proudly sponsored by Miners!!

Entry rules:

1. Leave a comment WITH YOUR NAME below letting me know why you should win this set of nail polishes

2.You MUST be a follower of this blog either by Google Connect or Bloglovin‘ (will need proof from bloglovin’ followers) LINKS IN THE RIGHT SIDEBAR

Its that easy! Competition closes March 31st 2011, there will be one winner selected at random.

Good lucks my lovelies!!

Smooches, love and fabric xxx

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  • judithsbooks

    My nails are rather neglected. just looking at them as I type. A lovely set of nail varnishes should help improve their appearance.

    Following blog
    Following twitter @judithsbooks
    Following facebook


    5 colours – 10 toes yippee its rainbow toenail time again going to start this seasons biggest trend if i win!

  • I think I should win because I need to experiment with different nail varnish colours. I seem to buy lots of red and nothing else.

    I’m following via google connect πŸ™‚


  • Sue Harrison

    Google friend connect foolower.. I would love these polishes to give my toenails a Spring treat so that they can look fab in my sandals πŸ™‚

  • Name *

    I deserve them as i’ve been a nail biter all my life (21 years and counting!), but two months ago I stopped and for the first time ever I have lovely long, strong nails – it’d be nice to finally give them a treat!

  • Hazel

    I follow through Google Connect. I should get the nail polish because I need to make my nails look very much better! I am @beachrambler on Twitter.

  • Emma Clarke

    I’m feeling a bit blue at the minute – these fantastic nail polishes would put more colour into my life!

  • Rachel T

    I am following your blog with google friend connect as Rachel Titley. Great prize. I know a few people have said the same but I need these so I can paint my nails and stop myself biting them! I’m getting married in July so I need to break the habit by then as it’s not a good look biting nails! Also following on twitter as @rachelscomps

  • Sugarlace

    THANK YOU FOR ENTERING! However… Some of you are at risk of being disqualified… you need to be a follower of this blog as well as leaving your comment. don’t forget to do so. Comp ending in 3days.

    Good luck to all of you! All my readers really do rock my world!!!

    Smooches, love and fabric xxx

    J’ara Ami

  • sharon griffin

    i love these colourful nail polishes and would be over the moon to win x

  • Jo Boyd

    I need a bit of colour to brighten up my nails – pale pink is just SO boring!

  • denise cross

    because I have finally grown my nails after 20 years of biting them!

  • Nicole S.

    Would love to win, I never have any nice nail polish as my friends steal mine! Tweeted @nikkiopia

  • Julie B

    I think I deserve them as they are funky summery colours which suit me to a tee. x

  • Because i hv been a follower, supporter and encourager from day and i hv nevvvver asked u to follow me back. And i love that nailpolish and i never win anything and law school has stolen my life and finances so the smallest amount of joy right now could stop me from like suicide! Funks x

  • Jodie Smith

    I’m following you with Google Connect. These nail varnishes are soooo gorgeous and I’m a mummy that needs yummying!
    i tweet as @meetjosmith

    Thanks xx

  • mary chez

    I need to win these varnishes because my nails are rubbish

  • simi a

    you never fail to amuse me, love ur witty and hilarious posts. keep it up x

  • Lorna Garratt

    Thanks for giveaway, great colours for the summer xx
    all the best
    tweeting and followering

  • Samantha (@totallydot)

    I’d love these to stop my daughter moaning when I borrow her’s!

  • Catharine

    Would love some new polishes for the summer and these are just my colours, have been growing my nails and trying to look after them so this would motivate me to continue. So for the sake of my nails pick me!

  • Jane Willis

    I should win because all those gorgeous foods you mentioned made me drool! Now I want to eat them all and get even fatter. But nail polish always fits!!!
    I’m Grapevine on Google and @janesgrapevine on twitter

  • emma cella

    i would love to win these, my nail varnishes are old

  • Debbie

    Thanks for running this giveaway. I love the colours as they remind me of summer πŸ™‚ My nails are in serious need of some TLC and I’d love to give them a little bit of a pamper.
    I’m following you on google connect – jazza
    Following you on twitter @jazza1

  • Deborah Harewood

    I am currently on long term sick with ME and I could do with these bright nail polishes to cheer me up and make things look brighter for me. Xxx

  • Lyndsey Colgan

    Love the colours! I had a big clear out of all my old nail polishes so I’d love to win some new ones in time for the Summer! πŸ™‚


    Followed on Google Connect

  • Beverley

    As an ex-nail biter ,Yuk!! I have finallly managed to let my lovely nails grow and these colours would give them a super treat. It would be a nice reward for years of nail neglect πŸ™‚
    Twitter follower @bevleek
    Tried to follow your blog with Google Connect. Unfortunately the link is dead πŸ™

  • Name *

    i would love to win these, my nail varnishes are old and need to spruce up my makeup bag

  • These nail polishes are so lush – they are delicious ice cream colours, so cute. I should win because they would make my springtime wardrobe fab!

    • natalie holland

      I think I should get the nail polish because…like your detox…my nails are an absolute SHAMBLES!!! I have NO NAIL VARNISH!! And they need cleaning up seriously…. If I could have some beautiful nail varnish like that, my nails would be pretty and happy again πŸ˜‰

      I’m following @fairydustwing
      I follow your blog, from email cosmicfloyd@gmail.com