Spa: HydroPeptide Infusion Facial at The Chelsea Day Spa

I was invited to visit The Chelsea Day Spa and experience a HydroPeptide Infusion Facial! I was so pumped at the thought of being pampered, of course I said YES please, I’ll have me some of that… wouldn’t you?

The Chelsea Day Spa is located just off popular Kings Road and they claimed to offer an environment of relaxation and call themselves a ‘premier boutique’.  I have been their before for a facial and I had a lovely experience so I was sure I would be in great hands!

This time round I was stupidly late *sigh* I got on the wrong bus, missed buses, got stuck on a train for like 10 minutes while waiting for another train to move out of the way and allow me to get to my destination! By the time I arrived at the Spa I was so hot a flustered, the facial became a NEED rather than just a want…

I was greeted by the lovely receptionist who took sympathy in my ordeal, I was given a glass of water to cool me down and then taken up the stairs to have my facial.

The HydroPeptide Infusion Facial is:
Age-defying Collagen Boosting Facial that infuses the skin with a mega dose of powerful peptides, natural Antioxidants and organics that visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles to immediately reveal; smoother and tighter skin.

The treatment started off with cleansing; I then enjoyed the range of peptide’s on my face and neck; it felt great! I really felt like my face was undergoing some special deep cleansing! My Beauty Therapist was lovely, we spoke like we were old friends, she told me all about her travels; amazing I really can not wait till I start travelling!

The facial lasted about an hour; I was upset when it was over haha! No word of a lie, my complexion was NOTICEABLY different after the facial! It was brighter, smoother and firmer! All in just one hour… RESULT! The lady at reception showed me the products which were used on my face and gave me a couple of sample sachets to take away. Apparently HydroPeptide is best when used over a couple of days.

I definitely recommend it! I did see a difference in my face so its not only a pampering session, its a facial that give you results.

The Spa is very clean and tidy, intimate and cosy and the staff are very polite and gentle.

Thank you Chelsea Day Spa!

HydroPeptide Infusion Facial

A 60 minute session is: £80

A 5 course treatment is: £320

A mini session (30mins) is: £50

A 5 course mini session is: £200

The Chelsea Day Spa
2nd & 3rd floor
69a King’s Road,
020 7351 0911

Smooches, love and fabric xxx