Hair: How I Keep My Weave Looking Fresh




Human Hair

  • Do – I use a deep conditioner about once every 2 weeks. I swear by TRESemmé ‘Restructuring Deep Conditioning Treatment Masque’ I use this on the weave as well as on my natural hair. To deep condition: I apply the treatment to wet hair – if its a wig I put it in a plastic bag and leave it for a few hours before washing it out – if its a sew in, I put my hair in a shower cap or wrap it in cling film for a few hours before washing it out.
  • Do – I wash my hair with a good conditioner at least once a week. Either once or twice a week, depending on how dirty I feel my hair is, this usually depends on the activities I do in the week and how often I am outside in the open air. I use TRESemmé ‘Salon Silk Conditioner’ – with Argan Oil Its for dry and frizz prone hair. I use it on both my weave and my natural hair. I use this conditioner as if it were shampoo – I think some people call this co-washing- I find doing this prevents all the natural oils from being stripped from your hair and drying it out.
  • Do – I let my hair air dry. This helps to keep it healthy for longer because no heat is being applied to the hair.
  • Do – When I am lacking in time – no time to let hair air dry – I use a Dry Shampoo to stop the hair from looking greasy or dead. I then apply a very small amount of glosser just to give the hair a bit of life. I am currently using Tara Smith ‘Shining Moment Glosser’

Synthetic Hair



  • NO Oils – Other than the glosser on the odd occasion, I stay away from oils when it comes to my weave. Oils weighs the hair down, look too shiny, and cause the hair to stick together. If the hair you buy is good quality, it should have a natural luster. I think this is one of the key things to maintain a healthy looking weave.
  • Certainly NO Gels…! U can use a holding spray if needs be, but be careful to use a good one. If I use a holding spray its usually because I am going to a club or something and need my curls to stay locked in. I will usually wash my hair the following day.

Extra Tips

  • To limit shedding, which makes the hair stay fuller for longer. You can seal the wefts of your hair. This can be done using a fabric glue. Just apply along the wefts of the weave (avoid getting it on the hair) on both sides, let it dry and then do your install.
  • Make a wig! I have gotten into making U-Part wigs. There are 3 reasons for this.
  1. The ease of changing hair styles often
  2. I can look after my natural hair underneath more regularly
  3. The weave LASTS LONGER both synthetic and human hair. This is because you have the ability to remove the hair at night; if you’re not sleeping on the hair, it is going to last a lot longer. Also with human hair, if the hair is on a wig (unless you want to use the same hair for another style) U do not have to un-install and reinstall, so the weft of the hair stays in prime condition which limits shedding.

Hope that was helpful for some of you! If you have any questions just post a comment and i’ll try my best to answer them. Any private questions can be emailed to me via the contacts form.

Smooches, love and fabric dolls and gents xxx