The funeral of summer


The British weather is actually starting to annoy me, like really… it is getting highly ridiculous now, rain, rain, rain and more bloody rain! I know we need rain in order for the crops to grow, but come on man, the crops must be drowning by now.

All I wanna do is wear dark winter colours, in fact I should go on strike and wear all black everything, until the sun decides to stop allowing the clouds to bully it.

Yesterday I attended the press day for Karen Millen‘s Autumn/Winter 2012 collection, the PR team had the right choice of décor for the shitty mood of the city…

Let’s call it the funeral of summer!

Ironically my favourite piece from the collection was a sheer blouse with, yep you guessed it, black detailing. The blouse is gorgeous though! You could wear it out to dinner with a fitted pair of jeans and sexy heels, or you could wear it to the funeral of someonething – as in the sun – famous.

Considering we have not had a decent summer in way too long, I think it is about time the big man in the sky gave this poor ole country a break and gifted us a decent summer! Then I’ll be able to show you all the cool nail polish colours I am going to paint my toes with.

Until then, finger nails it is! My nails were done by Ama Quashie

Lets have a moment of silence for summer.

Sunglasses: Forever 21 Men’s and I used MAC’s ‘Carbon – Matte’ eyeshadow on my lips with Philosophy‘s ‘Sparkling Cranberry’ lip gloss, as always my eyebrows are filled in with my HD Brow’s palette in Vamp

Smooches, love and fabric sugars xxx