I See Fine Wine through Windows 8


A few weeks ago I was invited to a beautiful dinner, to wine, dine and have a closer look at the new Windows 8 software and laptops. You know me by now, I was probably the first person to RSVP; I couldn’t click the reply button on my email fast enough! Free food? Chef Joe Grey? Laptops? Touch Screen? …can I get an O YEA, yes please and thank you.

As always, the Microsoft Windows team were fabulous hosts, warm, friendly and very clued up on what they were presenting. Host for the night was the beautiful Lela London, she looked stunning and presented with a Windows expert.

I will let you have a drool over the food and also Chef Joe Grey, who was trained by Jamie Oliver and actually happens to be as delectable as the food he makes – hehe – he is a lil cutie pie. Also the technical spill and my thoughts on Windows 8 at a glance will be down below (“,)


Oh mighty Jesus, the apartment was just too cool for school! People actually live in this place where we dined! It was huge and the decor was brilliant.

Aww look at Joe Grey, doing his thing in the Kitchen

Starter: Tagliatelle with Portacini Mushrooms

Main: Oven Baked Hallibut (with what I think was Spinach and creamed potato – totally forgot)

Dessert: Poached Pear with Vanilla Ice Cream Short Bread and Chocolate Sauce

It is ok to be jealous my sugars, the food was divine and I fully enjoyed… haha.

So the technical spill:

Why Windows 8 is GREAT for the trendy fashionista –

Touch screen ability (touch screen computer/pad needed)

Easily share news stories to all your social media accounts – this is wonderful for people like me, for those who want and need to be quick off the mark with circulating exclusive information.

Hidden menu – This is something we don’t need to see, unless we want to, with a quick hover to menu section, it will pop up when we want it – FAB!

Customisable interface – Interface customisation is fantastic, as a fashionista, front runner and creative, you want to show your personality everywhere possible; now my screen doesn’t have to look like my Mr’s – It will look like mine YAY! No one need ever know the product was shared.

There are a whole lot more technical features that Windows 8 has, such as the ability to sync with your X-Box and be used as a remote control when watching films… My advise to you, get down to your local PC store and have a play around. Windows 8 needs to be experienced in the flesh for you to get the full understanding of it’s power and glory.

My thoughts:

I really like the Lenovo Ideapad Yoga laptop, these types of gadgets are my thing – flips, clips, its small, touch screen, slides, types… LOVE it. With the 11″ at £699 and the 13″ at £999. This super power machine, with long lasting battery life; is very affordable.

Windows 8 it self is pretty neat, my favourite thing about it is the interface. It follows the same layout that was introduced on Windows 7 phone’s such as the Lumia 800 – bright, clean and easy to navigate.

Smooches, love and fabric sugars xxx