Fashionista 5 point checklist Spring 2011

1.Wear a smile, walk with your head held high and be confident in who you are!

Nobody likes a dull person who frowns all the time, believe me I can testify! If you don’t believe in yourself, why should anybody else? Fashionista’s own the rooms they enter, so if you are not confident you can not be one of the elite, its really that simple…

2.Have a well balanced and up to date wardrobe.

Please, please, please; I stress, you need to be fashionable but… do not go wild on on ALL the latest trends! Classic pieces keep expenditure down and are timeless! Purchase only a few of the seasons must haves; and you are goood to go! True fashionista’s know how to throw it together, its all about mix and match.

3. Lip balm/gloss should be a handbag essential…

I don’t need to expand much on that do I? Dry ashy  lips are not only unattractive, its ‘DREK’; & sooo not for fashionista’s; please invest in a lovely lip balm or gloss and keep your lips supple and glowing.

4. Shades and ‘Darkers’

Framing your eyes is a no brainer really, come on all the super stars of Hollywood do it, so why not the queen-bees of the local town? Invest in a neutral colour for your main pair and then a funky one for your more ‘out there’ looks.

5. Have Manners and exercise the correct etiquette!

Fashionista’s are not rude and are not full of themselves either… people like that are called snobs and you really want to avoid that title. Remember your p’s & q’s, be loving and you will be lovable.

Smooches, love and fabric xxx