Hair: Curly Wurly Puff Puff


Hey dolls and gents! I’m sure by now you all know I am again a bird chirping for team natural… (unless of course you are a new reader – welcome!). Its been a stressful journey already, mainly because of my seriously indecisive ways. One minute I wanna have my afro and then the next I want some creamy crack (relaxer). I made the decision not to put any more relaxer in my hair at the beginning of the year (see post here). However I was trying that ‘transitioning thing’. To be honest, that just wasn’t working out for me and the constant twist outs were breaking my hair.

Around mid march, I got fed up, sat in front of the mirror, got the hair scissors out and began chopping away! OMG I literally cried after I felt like I was bald; not that bald is bad, bald just isn’t for me y’all. The next day I was a little happier, all the perm was gone and I was left with just a tiny afro puff. I have had all sorts of styles but the one I’m loving the most at the moment, mainly because of the simplicity and ease is my curly puff with hair scarf!

I need a few more hair scarf’s I know, I only have two, I just haven’t been bothered to go buy none so sue me…


I’ve been stopped on the street as well as had a load of others ask me how I get my afro so curly… I’ve even had a someone accuse me of having a ‘Jhery Curl‘. Its not even that deep, there is no magic or ancient secret, all I use is the infamous Eco Styler hair gel with Moroccan Argan Oil and a comb!

Pic 1 and 2 are of my hair washed and damp. I just used a towel to take out the excess water.

Usually I just let it drip but for the purpose of the blog, I dried it more than usual.

So the steps:

Step 1. Wash hair (leave it wet)

If want to add grease/oil to your scalp do so now – I usually skip that…

I like to use Herbal Essences conditioner, through watching a few Youtube video’s it seems that Co-Washing your natural hair is better than washing it with shampoo.

Step 2. Get your Eco Styler hair gel and comb it through your entire head of hair

I use a lot of gel, so all my hair is covered and the curls look uniform.

Step 3. Once entire head is covered with gel, comb it all upright and add your hair scarf of choice

Step 4. Comb your hair into the desired shape for you

That is literally it! Leave it to dry while you do your make-up and you’re good to go!

If you find you have too much white residue left on your hair (this is why I skip greasing my scalp) which is not drying quick enough, you can use a low heat blow dryer just to get the white stuff to fade away.

A lot of Youtubers spend at least an hour ‘defining’ their curls, arguing about 3A or 4B or 4C hair… BLAH! I almost got caught up in that madness… WHO CARES? An afro is an afro right? No afro or curl pattern – whatever – is better than the next persons and we should all be happy with what we have and work with it. Why spend a gazillion years trying to manipulate your hair into a curl that is not actually NATURAL?

Talking with so much attitude and making others feel like their hair is inferior to your own because you have manipulated it into some unnatural curls, walking around pretending that you were born with hair like that… oh yea I forgot curly hair = good hair… Get over yourselves, your hair will be what ever it will be and that is that. This is the reason I just comb in the gel and let whatever curl wants to form, form and on really lazy days, my hair be lucky if it see any gel at all, ha! Sometimes I get my Solonge Knowles on and rock that fresh out of bed rough and ruggid look.

Everyone’s hair will come out differently using my method, because it depends on YOUR hair, how it will curl. The key is to make sure your hair is as wet as possible when adding the gel and making sure you comb the gel through your entire head of hair – BE GENEROUS. If your hair is really thick, comb it into manageable sections and use a spray bottle to re-wet any sections as you go along.

 I am NOT a hair dresser, this is just what I do every morning (at the moment) and hopefully this post will help someone else looking for a QUICK wash and go type style. It may or may not work for you. Let me know! I’d love to see how yours came out.

Smooches, love and fabric sugars xxx