Cry Me A River

Sunglasses are from Bricklane, leggings from Primark, Boots c/o Clarks. Bag I think was Primark many years ago, Shirt c/o Gap, Earrings are from Forever 21. I can not remember who the Scarf is by, sorry no tag on it =/


The weekend was a time of reflection for me, there were so many things for my mind to ponder over. One thing I can’t stand is the boo hoo poor me attitude, its really annoying (some how I was portraying this)…

You know the saying if life gives you lemons, make lemonade? I’ve decided to adopt this and let it flow through my blood. Aint nothing or no one gonna bring me down! My only downfall can be myself… If I fall, its because I pushed myself – or I tripped over an invisible rock – or something…

I’ve moved to such a beautiful and peaceful neighbourhood *woo hoo* so the waste man who used to live downstairs from me, YES YOU, if you happen to come across this blog and read this post one day in your sorry excuse for a life – THANK YOU! Thank you for giving me the motivation to get up and push harder, thank you for giving me a reason to move, hehe I now have a cute lil semi detached house with a garden and I am much happier POW! HA! In your angry looking face…

Speaking of angry faces! Next on my shopping list is this New Era Cap from my friends shop in Peckham, omg, I am in love with the angry mouse, HA! Micky mouse has gone crazy, there should be a little speech bubble above his head that reads ‘YOU IDIOT GET ME OFF THIS HAT NOOOOOOOW!’.

Smooches, love and fabric sugars xxx

  • Carsten

    where can i buy the cap?`…is there an online store? or can ur friend with the shop do a shipping? I WAAAAAAAAAAAAANT THIS CAP:-)

    • Hey Carsten! My friends store is no longer open, they closed down a while ago now.

      The cap is New Era however, i’m sure if the company still do it, you will be able to find it online (“,).

      I’ll keep my eyes peeled though and update here if i see it anywhere x

  • those leggings are fierce and I love your photos!!

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