Style File: Cowgirls no Indians


There is not a lot working for me in my wardrobe at the moment *sigh* I feel so fat its insane! I know I’m not an elephant and some of y’all are probably looking at my photo with confused looks on your faces…

Can you change your facial expression please?! Thank… YOU…

The thing is, I’m big for me, I know this because most of my clothes don’t fit me any more or they don’t fit well! I’m having a mid life crisis here, I don’t wanna shop for anything new because I want to loose the excess fat! My tits are like the size of King Kong’s fists -yes the hench ape-, like seriously how am I supposed to button up a shirt with these big ole knockers stressing my life out?

That look on my face is ‘Girl… hurry up and take the shot before the love of my life passes by and sees my thunder thighs’!

Boots: Ebay. String T-shirt: Thrift Store. Shorts: Random shop. Vest Top: ……. Jewellery: USC & Gift. Bag: F&F

Smooches, love and fabric sugars xxx