Beauty | Skin Care Routine 2016


Hey Sugars! Hope you are having a great month of September and enjoying the lovely sun the UK has been having of late. Praise God for the vitamin D because Lord knows its not a luxury we are privileged to in the UK often.

Anyway… today is about my new skin care routine, introduced about a week ago.

Being of chocolate complexion (“,), I run the risk of pigmentation problems if I have a break out or some how scar my skin. Over the past year (2016) my skin has not been behaving itself *tears* and I now have dark rings around my eyes and a few small dark pigmentation marks on my left cheek, these small marks are the result of a couple of spots breaking and thus leaving a scar.

Whilst at Embankment Tube Station, I noticed a cosmetics store called Kiehl’s. This store really caught my attention because it looked quite clinical and clean. The store staff wear long white jackets, its as if they are doctors of some sort and its gives the impression they are top specialists. To be honest, I was a little reluctant to enter Kiehl’s as I had a feeling my ears would bleed from hearing inflated prices… My bank balance has suffered major losses this year due to friends weddings, holidays and general living expenses.

I reasoned with myself, sometimes you need to spend a little to gain a lot… So off I went in hope of discovering awesomeness.

I sat with an advisor and discussed my problem areas, stating I was unhappy with the darkness around my eyes -its a lot darker than it usually is- and explained about my hyper-pigmentation marks. The advisor was really nice, she was friendly and understanding.

The first step after listening to my issues was a skin test; the advisor placed some small pads on my face. We discovered that some parts of my face were normal-dry whilst other parts were normal-oily. The advisor didn’t state this but from other tests I have had in the past and reading up online, it would seem that I have what is known as ‘combination skin’. The next step was a recommendation of products designed to help correct the problems we had discussed.


All photos taken and edited by: J’ara Ami

Product 1: An eye brightening concentrate – It has been clinically demonstrated to reduce fine lines, brighten the eye area and minimise dark circles.

This product contains 10.5% vitamin c, so after application, if going out an spf should be applied on top to protect your skin from the possible harmful rays of the sun. It was recommended I use this product twice a day – morning and night.

Product 2: A dark spot solution – It has been clinically demonstrated to correct dark spots and discolouration.

The product contains activated vitamin c; as it is activated an spf after application is not as necessary. The recommendation given was to use this product once a day for the first week (at night) and then twice a day there after (morning and night).

Product 3: A skin brightening exfoliator – This product has been clinically demonstrated to brighten the skin by correcting discolouration as well as re-hydrating the skin.

The recommended use given was once-twice a week. Anything more than this can dry the skin out because the product is very rich.

Other than these three products, I clean my face as usual with either ‘Pears‘ soap or ‘Simple‘ face wash and I rinse with cold water. Personally I do not use hot or warm water on my face unless I am removing a face mask or steaming.

Do they work? That question I can not yet answer as its only been a week since I have started using Kiehl’s. I plan to do a 1 month update, a 3 months update, a 6 months update and then a 1 year update.

I pray they work because these products are not cheap *startled face*. Saying that, they will last a very long time as only a very small amount is needed for each application, so, when you work out the daily cost of 6 months – 1 year, they are cost affective (if they work). Sorry I do not have an image of my skin condition at present but i’ve just not had time to take a proper photo in a way that reflects the creativity and standard I like to maintain on this blog. Rest assured on my next update, I will have before and after photos showing the progression from now up to month one.


Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Serum: £36.00

Powerful Strength Line Reducing Eye Brightening Concentrate £39.00

Clearly Corrective Skin Brightening Exfoliator: £25.50

*Please note: These products were all purchased by me and were not a gift from any advertising or press company*

Smooches, love and fabric xxx