Beauty Favourite: LOreal Miss Manga


Hey sugars! I’m massive lashes lover, I believe eyebrows and lashes really bring out your face.

When time does not permit the fiddling of false lash glue and tweezers, does that mean we go out bare and naked? Heck no; like our bodies, lashes were made to be dressed. Ok I guess that is not exactly a scientific fact, frankly its not a fact at all, but its my truth and as long as I believe this, its all that matters…

Look at how naked my eye looks with 0 coats of mascara, compared to the sexy fully dressed eye with 3 coats.

I have played around with many mascara’s and most of my favourites tend to come from LO’real, so I was super excited when they dropped Mega Volume Miss Manga! The campaign in itself sold it for me, I’m so into how Manga characters eyes look, after all, I myself am an animated character.

The packaging is cute, my favourite colour is pink so you know its a hit there.


Miss Manga Mascara comes in 3 colours, Black, Violet and Turquoise, they used a polymer formula to keep your lashes strong, added a flexible wand; very important if you need a brush that can bend, the wand is also built in a dome like shape to allow more product to transfer to your outer lashes than it does to your inner lashes, this is key for the big eyed manga look.

The formula is thick so you do need to go a bit easy to avoid a clumpy looking eye, I like 3 coats but 2 is enough to achieve the look.

Below is how it looks with some eyeshadow for a night out.


LO’real Miss Manga retails for £8.99 at Boots and other drug stores.

What do you think?

Are you a fan of Manga Characters?

Till my next post…

Smooches, love and fabric sugars xxx