Another day at school


It was not another day, another pound for me… it was another day in school, EEEK! I needed strength to get through the 7hour day… not because I needed to physically do much, but mentally, I neeeeeded strength because the course is getting stressful… TOO many assignments at once, my head is going to explode!

Because I was going to school, I wasn’t going to be dolling up anything special, I put on some simple false lashes, mascara and eye-liner, filled in my brows AS ALWAYS and added a little blush. I did a wash and go again – I co-washed my hair with some Herbal Essences conditioner and then added some Eco Styler hair gel and combed it through, put on a scarf and that was me, ready to rock and roll.

My skin got a little bad for a couple of months, but it appears to be clearing back up, evening back out and my dark eye circles are getting brighter too, so I’m happy about that.

Hope you have all had a happy Monday! Mine was extremely funny and strange to be honest… anyway guys, I am going to go and work out now! I was doing the Insanity workout a few months back but I flopped and didn’t last *sigh*. A friend of mine has completed it and looks incredible! You should go and check out her new blog to see CLEAR difference here! Very encouraging, so i’m going to stop making excuses and bloody do it, before I end up like King Kong’s wife -_-

This is my LORD help me face!

Jeans: Arrogant Cat. Shoes: Random shoe shop. Bag: Monki Laptop Case. Vest Top: H&M. Cardigan: Primark. Scraf: Unknown.

Smooches, love and fabric sugars xxx