Almost all black everything…


Last night I went out with my girl Mel to the Bipo party in Central London, as always had a great time and met some cool new people (“,) Shouts out to the girls at 10pr! I was kind of kicking myself secretly argh! I didn’t have any business cards on me and I was surrounded by a gazillion PR and Magazine big shots… next time I will be prepared and get myself an internship!!

I actually took these outfit shots outside but I like an airhead I stood right in the direction of the sun and ALL my images came out overexposed… My blonde moments sometimes surprise me. By the time I got in, it was past midnight and the sun and gone to sleep, so HELLO to indoor pics with crappy lighting…

Boots from random indoor market, skirt is from H&M, Blazer is thrifted, top is thrifted, bag is from Primark, Ring was given to me at the Launch Party, Bangles and Necklace are from Forever 21

Smooches, love and fabric sugars xxx