Style File: Wreckage




Its coming to the end of the year now, that time of year where everyone remembers you simply because its the festive season.. thats right, the international pagan(some what debatable) celebration known as Christmas. Straight after we have the new year – unless you live in China of course – and we all make resolutions the majority of us just do not seem to keep.

Its the time of year I like to reflect, ponder on how much i have grown, how much reconciling I need to do with people I probably shouldn’t give a toss about; but something in my heart makes me want to extend some compassion. Basically, its that time of year of mixed emotions, where I don’t really know how to feel. Often trying to hang on to some awkward sense of joy at a new year, while shaking off the disturbing feeling that its all just a bloody hype and the only thing different about a new year is just that, the flipping year!

With all that said, this is probably the reason for my outfit choice here, those days where you have no idea what to wear, you had one thing in mind but that was a total disaster. I looked in the mirror and said you know what ‘I don’t give a damn what goes and what doesn’t go’. Whatever I dig out is going to work someway, somehow. You can’t really go wrong with black, denim and a bit of leather. Throw it on, own it and work it! Nobody has to know, you literally did throw it together and might as well of gotten dressed in the dark…





Boots: Costa Blanca(Canada), Skirt: Missguided – here, Blazer: Zara – similar here, Shirt: Gap – similar here and here, Bag: Nelly – similar here, Earrings: Cherry On d Top – here

Photo Credit: Jendella  | Edited by: J’ara Ami

Smooches, love and fabric sugars xxx

Style File: Winter Blues




The sun has gone, the leaves are falling and the temperature has dropped dramatically… but you know me, any opportunity to get my legs out and sport some killer heels! This was supposed to be a birthday post, however, it didn’t work out that way. I put this ensemble together in remembrance of my birthday.

I chose this dress (that a mate of mine left at my house – thanks Mel… ha!) because it is flirty and fun, I am all for that! It is a bit short for winter though, so i threw this long blue coat over the top to give it balance. I picked this coat up from a thrift sale early this year for just £1! Yes that is right only £1… I am in love with it. I love coats with collars I can turn up, I have a thing about feeling badass, a turned up collar adds some edge to any outfit. The massive pockets (along with the price) is what sold it for me with this coat.

So what makes this a post in remembrance of my birthday? Firstly, the dress! My mate wore this to my all white winter wonderland themed birthday party. Granted its actually cream, but that is ok, it worked for her then and its working for me now… hehe. Secondly the hair… this is the new style i had done by my amazing hair stylist Kevin, for my special day. Thirdly the jewellery… One of my sisters gifted them to me as a birthday present. She has an amazing online jewellery store called CherryOnDTop; make sure you check it out, the pieces are stunning (I will be doing a beauty post soon, with a closer look at these pieces). Last but not least, this is in honour of my shoes! They were for my second birthday outfit, but they turned up late smh (shaking my head) – thanks Just Fab – so I had to find an alternative for the night. They are here now and I love them so much I have decided to forgive the web giants.

I wont lie to you, I have not yet worn this outfit out anywhere, I put it together for these photo’s. This is the kind of get up I would rock to an evening dinner on date night, with the assumption I would be sitting in a car for the journey there and back… otherwise I guess I could wear some thigh high boots, in the absence of a car…






Shoes: Just Fab, Dress: Unknown, Coat: Thrifted, Jewellery: Cherry On d Top

Photo Credit: Jendella  | Edited by: J’ara Ami

With another year added to my life, I can see my style has evolved… Stay tuned with me on my journey to stylish freedom.’Style over fashion’ I chant, as I search for timeless pieces to add to my wardrobe. Until next time my beauties!

Smooches, love and fabric sugars xxx

Hair: New hair and Quick Hello


iPhone Photo


Hey ladies and gents! I’m back, haha… Its been a long time, i’ve had a lot going on, needed to get my life together for like the 100th time this year smh (shake my head)! I have been through so many changes including yet another new job, hopefully all is settled now and I can progress with what I really want to do in life!

Many of you probably have no idea I have a clothing line I have been working on for a few years now, finally things are coming together; I will speak more about that soon! Look out for some exciting new things from me including trainers (sneakers) and snapback caps among other projects.

I also have a new hairstyle, as you can see from my photo. i’ m really loving the short hair! This is a full wig made by an amazing hair stylist at Radiant Hair Salon in Bermondsey – South East London (UK).

This is just a quick hello really, hope you have all had a fabulous and exciting summer so far, if you want more info on my new hair, just drop me a message or comment and i’ll get that over to you!

I’m currently bouncing away to some bashment music! You know me, an undercover yardie… ha!

Smooches, love and fabric sugars xxx

Hair: How I Blend My Curly Brazilian With My Real Hair



Hey sugars! Hope you’re having a wonderful week so far and you have been enjoying the beautiful Spring weather we are having in the UK. Today’s post is about hair, many people ask me how I blend my curly weave with my own hair so the details are listed below. Its pretty simple, you only need a few products.


I have two methods of blending, depending on how curly I want my hair to be, I either do small bantu knots or flat twists as illustrated in the photo’s.

What you need:

  1. A comb of your choice
  2. Some gel. I use either Elasta QP Glaze or Eco Styler (with Argon oil)
  3. A head scarf

The method:

  1. Comb out your leave out.
  2. Add your gel of choice to the section you are working with. (The gel helps to hold the curls/waves all day)
  3. Flat twist the hair
  4. Bantu knot the ends.
  5. Apply your head scarf when going to bed – I use a silk scarf.

I do this every night, adding gel just once or twice a week so the hair doesn’t become too hard or flakey. The finished result should look like the two images below.



In the morning you just take out the twists carefully and style as desired with your fingers. It should look somewhat like the image below depending on how you want your parting.


Curly weave is high maintenance! If you are not someone who likes to take time with their hair – DONT get curly weave lol. To maintain the curls of the weave, I apply a curl activator or leave in conditioner every single morning, combing through with just my fingers. You can use any curl activator or leave in conditioner, I get the same results no matter what brand I use.

To see how I keep my weave looking fresh, you can read a post I did a while back here


Hair used: 4 packs of Brazilian Kinky Curly hair. 20″,22″,24″26″

I hope this was helpful to those of you who have asked me. If you have any questions you can leave them in the comments below or send me a message via the contact form.

Stay blessed and have a wonderful rest of day x

Smooches, love and fabric xxx

Style File: The Tartan Coat



I am a lover of vintage and cheap and cheerful garments, anything that saves money I am down for, brands are not a big deal to me, I focus more on the quality and look of the item. Unfortunately I hardly get time to shop these days so travelling to charity and vintage stores is very rare, you know you have to spend good time sifting and digging.

I went to Nando’s in Camberwell to meet and catch up with an old mate, it was inspirational and enjoyable at the same time. I love that I have so many driven and business focused people in my life. They help me to realise my potential and strive for nothing less than the best!

…anyway back to clothing… after our dinner date, I headed to Peckham to pick up some hair products and happened to pass a charity shop called Scope on the way; a beautiful dress was hanging in the window so I thought heeeey, let me go in and have a nosey. I browsed around and didn’t see much else I liked until this jacket. I was like OMG I need/HAVE to have it in my life. Its a size 14 but I tried it on, its big; not massive but deffo oversized on me. I loved the fit though, I think its perfect. It feels like an expensive jacket but the tag said £10, I was sold. It was a 2-piece, it came with a skirt; but as I didn’t want the skirt the sales lady gave me the jacket for just £5!!! #WINNING!

I bought it at the right time, Spring seems to have arrived in London UK so I am sure I will be getting good use out of it while the weather is still mild. All black everything is the perfect compliment to this jacket and is probably how I will wear it 95% of the time.

I hope you enjoy the video and photo’s, lots more to come praise God! I have got my blogging mojo back YAAAAAAAY!







Shoes: Zara, Jeans: Primark, Coat: Thrifted, Belt: Thrifted, T-shirt: Uniqlo, Earrings: Primark

Smooches, love and fabric sugars xxx

Video: ♡ The TMI TAG ♡


Hey sugars!

Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while know I also have a Youtube channel, I am totally crap at uploading but i’m trying to do better! Pray for me (“,) Below is my latest video the TMI aka Too Much Information tag. Its been floating around Youtube for a few months now so I thought I’d jump on before it gets OLD… hope you like it.

I plan to upload new videos to my channel every Tuesday and Friday but we’ll see how that goes. Really hope I can keep this up; I tend to pick at every little minor thing wrong with something I film and end up recording but never uploading anything because… yea… hey… i’m a perfectionist.

Smooches, love and fabric xxx

Let Your Legs and Shoes Do The Talking In Caroline Blomst For Deichmann


Happy Monday Sugars!

This post is a little bit exciting (ok maybe very exciting)! I received some news a few weeks ago that got my heart pumping and i’ve been dying to share it with you. The news boosted my blogging spirits and made me scream ‘o yes girl, get it’ in my best American impression ever. You see, there is often a slight look down and nose sniff when one mentions the words ‘i’m a blogger’, some people get it while others are like ‘oh gosh not another one’. So to see a fellow blogger, pushing the boundaries and collaborating with a brand that has worked with the likes of Halle Berry is really motivating. We are no longer just bloggers, we are proving to be professionals in our own right with something to say, with influence and some darn amazingly creative klout.

Lets take this time to congratulate Caroline Blomst on her collaboration with Deichmann. Caroline is a beautiful Swedish blogger who has been causing a bit of a stir in the world of street-style, she is highly rated and quite loveable, attracting around 1.3million readers, find her blog here. The collaboration with Deichmann – Europe’s largest online shoe retailer – see’s the launch of an exclusive 7 pair capsule collection, including flats, heels and trainers (sneakers for my American sugars).

The Caroline Blomst for Diechmann collection is a mix of fancy lace shoe boots and casual trainers, making the line accessible to everyone, from those who like a bit of elegance, to the comfy tomboy, as well as the casual stepper; we can all get in on some of the shoe action.

Staying true to trend, we see some pixel and graphic print thrown in the mix with some lace. My personal favourites would be the pixel print trainers and the lace peep toe shoe boots. I love how Caroline decided not to go wild with the designing and keep things simple, allowing the shoes to fit in perfectly with the Deichmann look and feel but stay true to the laid back rock style she is so famous for.


L-R: Cut-out Peep Toe High Front £27.99, Loafer £17.99

I had the pleasure of getting a closer look and trying out  4 pairs. They are comfortable, sturdy and best of all, they are affordable. You can not go wrong with trainers walking in at £22.99 and sexy lace shoe boots strutting through at an amazing £27.99. The entire collection is priced from £17.99 for the flats – £27.99 for shoe boots, your credit card and bank manager will not be mad at you but you may be the envy of some of your friends.

We all love the high-street for the ability to shop style and trend without the high price tag and this collection doesn’t let us down; we get lace, graphic print, monochrome, peep toe, studs, T-Bar, gold, buckles and sports-luxe; all trends that could be seen on the runway throughout the Spring/Summer ’14 fashion weeks.

Dig out your favourite pair of denim jeans, midi skirts or leather pants and pair them with your favourite Blomst shoe, for work, school or party! …or you could be like me, pop on a mini skirt and let your legs and shoes do the walking talking.


L-R: Lace Up Trainer £22.99, Lace Peep Toe High Front £27.99

 You don’t often see such a nice variety with only 7 pairs but I think Caroline nailed it. The collection can be shopped now here, it went live today!

This post is my entry into a competition being run by Deichmann, you can have a read of posts by various other wonderful bloggers here

What’s your favourite pair?

Smooches, love and fabric xxx